John Salko - Biography

John Salko was born in 1948, and raised in his hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut. As a youngster, he enjoyed browsing the galleries and museums in New York City, which instilled in him a lasting appreciation for the arts. He grew to especially admire the works of Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso.

In 1966, this suburban teenager volunteered to join the U.S. Marine Corps., and heroically served thirteen-months in Vietnam. 

In October of 1968, Salko returned to his home in Connecticut and started a lucrative business, painting the exteriors of large estates in Fairfield and Westport.  Eventually, he moved to a small town on the coast of Maine. There, he settled and made a living fishing on some of the highest tides in the world “The Bay Of Fundy” in an eighteen-foot boat he built. Deeply moved by the power of the rugged open ocean and the elements, he began to paint dynamic ocean landscapes on canvas. 

In 1982, Salko moved to a country setting, where he designed and built, on his own, a 4,000 sq. ft. contemporary home on forty-two acres. Over time, he pushed the envelope of experimentation, which evolved to colorful, complex works of abstraction using oil based paint on wooden panels, and eventually switched to acrylic paint on wooden panels.

His intriguing, colorful abstracts emerge with a willful presence and strength that rivet the eye. He employs such innovative techniques that the viewer is drawn into his complex designs of color and movement. His style varies from detailed abstracts to bold, flowing works of abstraction.

His one-of-a-kind creations have attracted art lovers internationally and throughout the United States, including Salko's dear friend, Hollywood actor, Mr. James (Jim) Gammon, who discovered Salko's unique talent while scouting film locations in New England. Impressed with the man and his work, Mr. Gammon became a major collector and helped launch Salko's art in presenting and hosting a one-man-show at the exclusive "Citrus Club" in Orlando, Florida, and over the years, continued a close bond with Salko and support for his art. Sadly, James Gammon passed away from cancer, July 2010.

John Salko is a gifted, self-taught painter, naturalist, poet, fisherman, writer, horticulturist and a master carpenter. Now, in his sixties, he continues to paint brilliant works where he resides in Maine with his wife, Karen, a screenwriter and novelist.